Songwriting App For Kids

 Because of your generous donations, kids nationwide will have a safe, creative outlet to express themselves while experiencing emotional freedom.  Can we count on you for your support?

Message from the founder

Hi, my name is Sonia Emore, founder of A Time to Create, LLC. At A Time to Create we teach children how to express their feelings and emotions through the art of songwriting.


I decided to create a songwriting app that will help kids all over the world identify the different emotions and feelings that most people feel on a regular basis. They’ll also be guided through the songwriting process and have the opportunity to record and save their songs.


There's so many kids worldwide that struggle with dealing with their feelings and emotions. A lot of times kids tend to hold them in or act them out, which can cause a negative or painful reaction as they grow into young adults.

'm very passionate about developing this app. My dream is to help as many kids as possible and to give them a safe, affordable and fun platform to express themselves and use their voices.


Developing an app is quite expensive, and unfortunately I don't have the means to cover the cost on my own. The total amount of 11,259 will cover the cost of the app development, taxes and fees.

My goal is to launch the A Time to Create songwriting app on our 5 year anniversary in January 2022.


I will be extremely grateful for any donation. Each donation brings me closer to my goal.


Kind regards,


Sonia Emore