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At A Time to Create, LLC, we guide and teach the youth how to identify, acknowledge, and express themselves through the art of songwriting. Why songwriting? Songwriting gives individuals the opportunity to express themselves in a creative way. It enhances one's social skills, encourages critical thinking, helps build confidence, assists in personal development and it's even therapeutic!


A Time to Create is a Limited Liability Company located in Atlanta, GA, founded January 2, 2017, by Sonia Emore. Her great love for music and working with the youth inspired her to form a company that would provide kids with a space to express themselves in a safe, fun, and creative way.  We travel to our site locations to provide our enrichment classes. The company’s primary goal is to guide and teach the youth how to express their feelings and emotions through the arts, with a focus on songwriting.


A Time to Create, LLC provides a range of services, which includes in person/virtual songwriting lessons with a live instructor, pre-recorded online songwriting mini lessons available 24 hours a day, afterschool enrichment classes, seasonal camps and a songwriting app for kids. We’re also contracted out to different schools and companies to teach self-expression through our different songwriting outlets. The students write individual and group songs, with the opportunity to perform their songs live in front of loved ones or simply keep them to themselves.


The vision for A Time to Create, LLC is to save the world through the arts! Okay, not quite. The vision is to simply help as many kids as possible transform their feelings into words, to inspire them to use their voices in this world full of adults and to help them see that their emotions and feelings are a beautiful gift.

Meet The Founder


Hi world! My name is Sonia Emore, founder of A Time to Create, LLC. I’m a singer/songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. I come from a huge family of 8 siblings, 25 nieces and nephews and other members that are too many to count. I moved to Atlanta, GA over 10 years ago, at the age of 18 to pursue my dream of singing and songwriting. I’ve had the opportunity to intern at recording studios for a few years and was also fortunate to work with Speech 2x Grammy Award winner of the band Arrested Development, as well as Kevin “Khao” Cates Platinum Producer and founder/Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of Bridge Da Gap Inc. 

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AT2C, Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing children with a creative and safe place to express themselves. 

Songwriting App For Kids

The Songwriting App for Kids is an app designed to help children acknowledge, identify and express their feelings and emotions by writing original songs. Participants will explore a variety of songwriting mini lessons designed to help them put their feelings and emotions into words.

 The songwriting app is a tool useful for helping children experience emotional freedom, along with enhancing their social skills and building their confidence.

With your support, the app will be available to children nation-wide Fall 2023. Please support the Songwriting App for Kids Fundraiser by making a donation today. Thank you!

Scholarship Opportunity


We understand tough times come. If you'd like your child to participate in one of our songwriting classes and don't have all the funds needed. Please take a moment to complete the scholarship application. Our team will get back to you when funds are available. Thank you!

Please click the link below if you'd like to donate to our scholarship fund.

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