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AT2C, Inc was formed in January 2020 to provide the community with a safe place for kids to express their feelings and emotions.

During the pandemic so many kids suffered internally from depression, insecurities, loneliness, self-harming thoughts and so much more. Without the help of a licensed professional, most kids are not able to process the different emotions that could lead to a harmful outcome.

We believe if children can learn how to acknowledge, identify and express their feelings and emotions as adolescents, it will set them up for a brighter future emotionally as they grow into young adults.

AT2C, Inc has a partnership with A Time to Create, LLC to provide the youth with self-expression activities through the arts, focusing on songwriting.



Through the art of songwriting, we provide a creative and safe place for the youth in low-income families to express themselves.

Why Songwriting?

Songwriting gives kids the opportunity to express themselves in a creative way. Songwriting enhances one's social skills, encourages critical thinking, helps build confidence, assists in personal development and it's even therapeutic!



Please show your support by making a donation. Every donation received helps us support more children and provide them with free resources to help them express themselves and get their emotional needs met.

© 2022 AT2C, INC Exempt status: 501(c)(3) EIN 86-1622016

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