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Established in January 2020, AT2C, Inc was founded with the primary mission of creating a secure environment for children to freely express their emotions and sentiments. Throughout the pandemic, numerous children experienced internal struggles, including depression, insecurities, loneliness, and self-harming thoughts, among others. Unfortunately, without the guidance of licensed professionals, many of these children were unable to effectively process their diverse emotions, potentially leading to harmful consequences.

We firmly believe that empowering children to recognize, identify, and express their feelings and emotions during adolescence will pave the way for a more emotionally resilient future as they transition into young adulthood.

In a significant collaboration, AT2C, Inc has partnered with A Time to Create, LLC, to offer the youth an avenue for self-expression through artistic activities, with a special focus on songwriting.



Through the art of songwriting, we provide youth with a safe space to creatively express themselves and experience emotional healing.

Why Songwriting?

Songwriting gives kids the opportunity to express themselves in a creative way. Songwriting enhances one's social skills, encourages critical thinking, helps build confidence, assists in personal development and it's even therapeutic!



Kindly demonstrate your support by contributing a donation. Each donation we receive aids in assisting more children, offering them free resources to express themselves and fulfill their emotional needs.

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