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Summer Camp

The Life Of An Artist Camp is a mobile summer camp that travels to different site locations and teaches kids (ages 5-14) how to express a variety of feelings and emotions through various art forms. Students will participate in exciting self-expression activities and learn how to acknowledge, identify and express their emotions/feelings while transforming them into different art form such as:

  • Songwriting: Students will transform different feelings and emotions into original songs.

  • Abstract art: Students will create various art pieces inspired by a range of emotions.

  • Photography: Students will participate in fun photography activities designed to help them share their view of the world around them.

  • Dance: Students will learn self-expression through a variety of dance forms and genres of music.


To make a request for The Life of an Artist Summer Camp to come to your site location, please complete the following application. Please complete an application for each location if you would like to make a request for multiple site locations. Thank you!

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